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Your AI chatbot is available 24/7, 365 days a year. This means that customers can always get help, even when human customer service representatives are not available.



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Please be aware that this is only a prototype and may contain errors. Please take note that we have implemented a 10 second rule for our AI to scrape information and reply chat because of the high volume of test requests, and if it takes longer than 10 sec, it will be immediately cancelled your request.

Our solution

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AI Chat development

  • We create a custom AI Chat just for your preferred
  • Our experts build it from the ground up
  • we make it fit seamlessly into your workflows
  • The AI assistant acts and talks like part of your team

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Integration and API Subscription

  • Connect your AI Chat to your existing systems
  • Automate tasks across websites, CRM, email and more
  • One connected AI solution across all your platforms
  • Tailored for your specific needs and infrastructure
  • Subscription to our API monthly or yearly package

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Testing environment

User training

  • Train your employees how to work with the AI effectively
  • Help them adopt it as a tool to improve their productivity
  • Ensure they unlock the full potential of the AI solution

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Testing environment

Exclusive service

  • Provide development service and ongoing, manage, and updates improvements to your AI assistant
  • fix bugs, optimize performance and add new features
  • A team dedicated to ensuring your AI solution succeeds

Both startups and established companies in testing with our solution

While there are limitations, Ounai has been a valuable addition to our sales team already for the right types of customers with straightforward questions.

Factoryx.dev , Local online Prototype marketplace

The customer assistance Ounai has made it easy for our customers to place orders and get quick answers, helping us build stronger relationships through better service.

Laoka coffee, Cambodian's coffee bean

Ounai has streamlined the process greeting customer and collecting initial project details, enabling us to have more meaningful consultations with customers about their vision and design goals.

Kampong Architecture, Landscape Design and Industrial Architecture

Business Hours

Monday - Friday: 9 AM — 5PM

Saturday: 9 AM — 12 AM

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